Psst… Visit OVME Cherry Creek

Skincare is selfcare!

OVME Aesthetics has officially opened their doors to their very first Denver location and we couldn’t be more excited. Perfect for those looking to take their skincare routine to the next-level, OVME is your one stop shop for achieving the glowy skin of your dreams. We were fortunate enough to stop by their grand-opening and can’t wait to tell you about it!


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OVME is the brainchild of Dr. S. Mark McKenna, a leader in the medical aesthetics industry.

This trusted medical aesthetics brand has built up quite the reputation, so you can imagine how excited we were to check it out. OVME offers a wide range of personalized, minimally invasive, cosmetic products and services provided by their highly skilled and trained staff that’s sure to give you the skin of your dreams. From hydrafacials, to botox, filler, micro-needling, laser hair removal, laser treatments, B-12 shots and more; it’s your one stop shop for everything skincare.


@Bryan Grant

At first glance, we were immediately taken back by the incredible space located in the heart of Cherry Creek. We were immediately greeted by the wonderful staff and given a grand-tour of the stunning location.

As we explored the space, we were given a complementary skincare analysis that assessed our skin’s texture, UV exposure, wrinkles (yikes), pores, areas with redness, porphyrins, and so much more. From there, a licensed aesthetician walked us through the analysis and gave us additional insight as to what a potential plan to address our concerns could look like, based on the results. It was incredibly interesting to see how the skincare analysis works and also learn about the various services offered. What we loved most about the event was how friendly and knowledgable the staff was and their willingness to answer any questions we had.

Psst… Ashleigh did an amazing job walking us through our skincare analysis, we will definitely be back to see her!


@Bryan Grant

If that wasn’t enough to get you in the door, OVME also has an incredible membership program that you skin will love. Their monthly memberships packages include year-long product and service discounts, complimentary weekly B-12 shots, guaranteed same-day Botox appointments, and access to VIP events. You can learn more about their Elite and Access membership options here.


While those chilly Colorado winters and sun-filled summers can do a number on your skin, OVME is here to save the day. We absolutely loved our visit and can’t wait to book our next service.

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