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Psst… Where to Find the Best Ramen in Denver

Where to Find the Best Ramen in Denver | The Denver Ear

Put down the square of noodles and that sad, salt loaded packet. Put on your chunky sweater and scarf and head out and around the corner to one of these cozy ramen spots. They will serve you up a hot bowl of ramen at reasonable prices so your mother doesn’t have to worry about you.  Below is a list of locations that bring their own twist to the popular soup, from homemade broths and noodles to add-ons like a spicy bomb – so raise your bowl to ramen all winter long!



Menya has four locations and the locations at LoHi and Capitol Hill serve up Raman and Poke while the one on 16th street is a Noodle Bar. They offer large bowls of ramen that range from classic Miso to a hearty Seafood version.

Grab a bowl from $11 – $14 at 1590 Little Raven St #170, Denver, CO 80202 and 951 16th St Mall #104, Denver, CO 80202

Osaka Ramen | The Denver Ear

Photo: ©Osaka Ramen


A pig and a chicken get into a bowl. That isn’t the set up for a joke, that is the logo for this Osaka Ramen! The ramen is offered with chicken and pork based broths and a really lovely vegetable option with Thai green curry flavor.  The menu doesn’t stop there, but offers a variety of Bento boxes, appetizers like Bacon Fried Rice and Okonoiyaki Fries. For desert there is one option – My Wife’s Donuts. They must be good.

Grab a bowl from $12- $14 at 2611 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205


OTOTO is the little brother to Sushi Den and Izakaya Den, but this spot holds its own with the House Made Ramen in 48-hour cooked broth. These orders are made to order, so while you won’t need to wait 48 hours, it takes a little more time to put together a lovely bowl of ramen here. While you are waiting try some of the small plates or something off the Robata Grill, a delicious skewer of meat and vegetables.

Grab a bowl from $14 – $16 at 1501 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210

OTOTO | The Denver Ear

Photo: ©OTOTO


Tokio  is open late, so after going to a show and dancing your legs off you can get a soothing bowl of warm ramen. The broth has fourteen different imported seasonings and the noodles are imported from Japan so you know that you are getting the authentic deal. If pork or chicken broth is not to your liking they have a vegetarian broth as well.  They also have other incredible food options, so there will be something for everyone!

Grab a bowl from  $12 – $16 at 2907 Huron St unit 103, Denver, CO 80202

Psst… Tokio has a ramen challenge. Eat 5.5 lbs of ramen in 22 minutes and you get the bowl free! If you feel a cold coming on maybe five pounds of ramen will cure you. 


Tycoon Ramen and Sushi is a small local place that serves sushi and ramen. Locals who know authentic Japanese food give a thumbs up to the Vegan Ramen and the Tonkatsu Ramen. They also have JFC (Japanese Fried Chicken) which is chicken marinated in a number of traditional spices and fried. Which is amazing.

Grab a bowl from $13 – $22 and kids bowl at $5.50 at 338 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203

Uncle | The Denver Ear

Photo: ©Uncle


I don’t have an uncle who makes soup like this so I go to Uncle for homemade ramen. They make the noodles  in-house and spend 18 hours on the broth. Their Veggie ramen is totally loaded (Vegan miso broth, mushrooms, watermelon radish, arugula, soft poached egg, sesame seeds, scallion.) and my favorite is the Duck ramen (shoyu broth, confit duck, arugula, gala apples, shichimi togarashi, scallion, soft egg). If you want an extra kick to your bowl than drop in a Spicy Bomb made of miso and pepper paste, or add a savory flavor with the Bonito Bomb with garlic, sesame, fish powder blend.

Grab a bowl from $14.50 at 2215 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211


Kiki’s Japanese Casual Dining has a Lunch and Dinner menu, but a completely separate menu for Ramen. They have traditional bowls with alternate options on the broth, and signature bowls that will add a little kick. Try something unique with the Kimchi Raman, get a kick in the pants with the Spicy Beef Miso, or for a hug in a bowl try the SOL Ramen (Soup of Life with a healthy serving of vegetables in the bowl).

Grab a bowl from $9.45 – $17.95 at 2440 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80222

Sera's Ramen Enclave | The Denver Ear

Photo: ©Sera’s Ramen Enclave


Seras Ramen Enclave has gotten rave reviews with their savory broths and interesting options. Some of the favorites are the Flavorsome Ramen with Oxtail Broth, Vegan Ramen, or Sigon Curry Ramen with yellow curry and optional duck.

Grab a bowl from $13 – $15 at 3472 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211


At The Ramen House start with a base of Tonkotsu (broth from pork bone) or Miso and add to your heart’s content. Go for simplicity with corn or a spiced egg, or add more meat with Spicy Beef or Pork Rib.

Grab a bowl from $10.99 – $13.99 at 2076 S University Blvd, Denver, CO 80210

Where to Find the Best Ramen in Denver | The Denver Ear

Photo: ©TMON

10# DOMO

Domo is traditional Japanese cooking at its best and any list of Japanese inspired food would not be complete without a mention of this homestyle restaurant. Their ramens are available for both lunch and dinner with side dishes. Try the popular light and spicy Tonyu Ramen, curry Nanban Ramen, or the tempura chicken Kara Age Ramen. Good food and  great environment, this is sure to warm your stomach and heart!

Grab a bowl from $9.50 -$18.50 at 1365 Osage St, Denver, CO 80204

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Corner Ramen is a cozy little spot with a great variety on the menu. Yummy starters like Bacon Wrapped Mochi or Pork Belly Bun. They have Poke Bowls like Unagi Bowl with Eel, or a Shrimp Tempura Bowl. Or start slurping off the ramen menu classic Tonkatsu (pork based) to Spicy Tonkatsu or work your way up to a rich Spicy Lobster Ramen.

Grab a bowl from $13 – $19 at 1629 Bruce Randolph Ave, Denver, CO 80205