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Psst… 9 Unique Sushi Spots in Denver

Izakaya Den | The Denver Ear

For being a landlocked state, Denver boasts over one-hundred and fourteen sushi restaurants. This is the list of the most unique sushi spots in Denver based on food or atmosphere. From conveyor belt sushi to fish flown in from Tokyo fresh daily, these are 9 Unique Sushi Spots in Denver!


Domo Japanese Country Foods | The Denver Ear

Photograph courtesy of ©Domo Japanese Country Foods

Dōmo Japanese Country Foods boasts Japanese styled gardens and rustic decor, creating a beautiful environment for this unique restaurant. Serving traditional  Japanese fare, they also boast small batch sake using only classic heating and serving methods.

Psst…Voted Westword’s Best Traditional Japanese Restaurant for 19 years!

Dōmo Japanese Country Foods is located at 1365 Osage St, Denver, CO 80204.

Sushi-Rama | The Denver Ear

Photograph courtesy of ©Sushi-Rama

Sushi-Rama features sushi on a conveyer belt, so you can get more of the sushi you really enjoy and try something new! Colorful and fun, this is a great place to stack up the plates.

Sushi-Rama is located at 2615 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205.

Sushi Den | The Denver Ear

Photograph courtesy of ©Sushi Den

Sushi Den is serious about serving fresh fish, so each lovely morsel of fish is flown in from the Nagahama Fish Market in Fukuoka, Japan. Discover what fresh-caught tastes like at this restaurant committed to quality.

Psst… This restaurant is always busy so be sure to make a reservation.

Sushi Den is located at 1487 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210.

Bamboo Sushi | The Denver Ear

Photograph courtesy of ©Bamboo Sushi

Bamboo Sushi is all about sustainable sushi. This restaurant considers the impact it has on the planet and works to minimize it from the ocean to your plate. Good food and good feelings are served up here.

Psst… Bamboo Sushi is currently located inside Avanti Food & Beverage. On November 27th, 2017, the restaurant will open its own location in Denver.

Bamboo Sushi will be located at 2715 17th St, Denver, CO 80211.

Sushi Sasa | The Denver Ear

Photograph courtesy of ©Sushi Sasa

Sushi Sasa serves a twist on Sunday brunch with Japanese soul food and bottomless mimosas. They have fresh new dishes (Bacon and béchamel mac&cheese style udon) and classic favorites (Fruits & cream stuffed Asian French toast buns) for that late morning out.

Sushi Sasa is located at 2401 15th St, Denver, CO 80202.

Sushi Hai | The Denver Ear

Photograph courtesy of ©Sushi Hai

Sushi Hai offers highlights of both east and west. The 3,000 square foot restaurant boasts three Tatami Rooms with traditional Japanese Floor Seating and traditional sushi. However, the attached HaiBar has a comedy show every Thursday and on Broncos Sundays, happy hour lasts all day.

Sushi Hai is located at 3600 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211.

Sushi Cup | The Denver Ear

Photograph courtesy of ©Sushi Cup

Sushi Cup is a small, takeout-friendly space that specializes in sushi and the new trend of poke bowls! Build your own poke bowl with a choice of rice (brown, white or PURPLE), protein (tuna, salmon, eel or even SPAM) and finish it off with sauces and toppings.

Sushi Cup is located at 208 E 7th Ave, Denver, CO 80203.

Blue Sushi Sake Grill | The Denver Ear

Photograph courtesy of ©Blue Sushi Sake Grill

Blue Sushi Sake Grill has more going than the interesting mechanical octopus above the door. Known for a great happy hour menu with generous portions, patrons suggest trying the Coconut Crab Soup along with the sushi.

Blue Sushi Sake Grill is located at 1616 16th St, Denver, CO 80202.

Izakaya Den | The Denver Ear

Photograph courtesy of ©Izakaya Den

Izakaya Den is a quaint place that bills itself as the “sake house with tapas”. If you are looking for a sushi place that serves small plates like Grilled Tuna Steamed Buns or Shrimp and Lobster Wontons with good sake, this is the place to go.

Izakaya Den is located at 1487 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210.