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Psst… 8 Best Places to Enjoy a Picnic in Denver

8 Best Places to Enjoy a Picnic in Denver | The Denver Ear

Happy month of July, also known as “National Picnic Month”, In honor of National Picnic Month and since we love enjoying meals outdoors, we’ve rounded up the 8 best places to enjoy a picnic in Denver!

So pack up a lunch, or pick up a takeout and head out this summer to these great picnic locations…

8 Best Places to Enjoy a Picnic in Denver
Centennial Gardens
Denver Centennial Gardens | The Denver Ear

Denver Centennial Gardens. Photograph by ©Nicole Wilker

The Centennial Gardens are possibly Denver’s best kept secret, and since this website is all about sharing Denver secrets, it’s time you all knew about it as well! The Centennial Gardens, located near Elitch Gardens, are patterned after the Gardens of Versailles in France. The gardens feature five fountains, a unique shade structure, a bike and pedestrian path, the South Platte River Trail, exquisite flower beds and even a drinking fountain if you run out of drinking water. Once you enter the park you immediately sense tranquility and serenity and a summer-time picnic there will feel like you transported to Versailles without ever stepping foot in an airplane. Centennial Gardens are located at 1301 Elitch Cir.

Cheesman Park
Cheesman Park | The Denver Ear

Cheesman Park. Photograph by ©Andrew Crusoe

Cheesman Park, located in the heart of Denver, is a great place to enjoy a picnic this summer. With its Old-World charm, mountain views from the distance and adequately shaded areas, you can enjoy your picnic in the middle of a hot sunny day or the early hours of the evening. The park is always teaming with locals who use its trails for walking, its grass for lounging and playing and it even has a playground for children located on its west side.

Psst… Cheesman Park dates back to the 19th Century and its land used to be Prospect Hill Cemetery. The land was converted to the park in 1907. Legends of America claims the park might be haunted! If you are looking for a supernatural picnic at night, this might be the place for you too! Cheesman Park is located at 8th Ave & Williams St.

City Park
City Park | The Denver Ear

City Park. Photograph by ©Hans Watson

City Park, stretching over 330 acres, is the oldest and largest public park in Denver. City Park includes both the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (making it a great place to stop for a picnic after a museum visit), and features breathtaking views of Downtown Denver and the Rocky Mountain Front Range. City Park also features two lakes, a big wooden castle playground for the kids, a basketball court, softball field, handball and tennis courts, Horseshoe pits and an Interactive Water Fountain operational during the summer season allowing your kiddos to cool off.

There are two specific picnic site locations in City Park: the first one is located near Thatcher Fountain Meadow and features eight picnic tables and two grills, the second is located near the playground and features five tables and three grills. Picnics are also allowed on the grass throughout the park! City Park is located at 1700 York St.

Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Botanic Gardens | The Denver Ear

Denver Botanic Gardens. Photograph by ©Vern Southern

The Denver Botanic Gardens is an excellent place to enjoy an outdoor picnic this summer! Denver Botanic Gardens offers 24 acres of gardens and speciality collections. Enjoy a picnic near the Internationally Inspired Gardens that features garden designs from countries such as Japan, China, South Africa and the Tropics or on a hot day spread out near the Shady Gardens and witness live butterflies and birds winging around you, adding a fairy-tale like experience to your picnic.

Psst… One of the most family-friendly picnic sites is located in the Denver Botanic Gardens’ Mordecai Children’s Garden. Families can enjoy a picnic before, during or after children and adults explore this wonderful area. Picnic tables are available under the Mountain Shadows Pavilion and by the Home Harvest Garden. Denver Botanic Gardens is located at 1007 York St.

Four Mile Historic Park
Four Mile Historic Park | The Denver Ear

Four Mile Historic Park. Photograph by ©Jeffrey Beall

Four Mile Historic Park is one of the most unique places on this list. Four Mile Historic Park features 12 acres that includes the Four Mile House that was built in 1859 as a homestead, an old school house, a farm, teepees, barns, a blacksmith shop, a root cellar, a miner’s and trapper’s cabin, a windmill and live animals. Picnic tables are available in the meadow area and near the teepees and miner’s and trapper’s cabin, allowing your kids to reenact pioneer life while eating their lunch! Four Mile Historic Park is located at 715 S Forest St.

The Hudson Gardens & Event Center
The Hudson Gardens & Event Center | The Denver Ear

Photograph by ©The Hudson Gardens & Event Center

The Hudson Gardens & Event Center features 30 acres of national beauty and is home to towering trees, vibrant display and water gardens, serene walking trails, abundant wildlife and scenic picnic areas. At Hudson Gardens you can witness a natural habitat for hummingbirds, a Victoria Water Lily Pond that houses a collection of lilies that are native to the Amazon and a Honey Bee Apiary, which houses 20 beehives. The picnic tables are situated near the magnificent Wetlands and offer views of natural wildlife surrounded by Cottonwood trees, Willows, and Duckweed growing along the banks. The Hudson Gardens & Event Center is located at 6115 S Santa Fe Dr.

Sloan’s Lake Park
Sloan's Lake Park | The Denver Ear

Sloan’s Lake Park. Photograph by ©Josh

Sloan’s Lake Park, the second largest park in Denver, features 177 acres of a large preserve of water surrounded by grass, a bike and pedestrian trail, a playground, boat ramp and rentals, sport fields and wildlife. Enjoy a day of water sports in the lake followed by a shaded picnic at one of the three picnic sites located in the park. Sloan’s Lake is located at 1700 Sheridan Blvd.

Washington Park
Washington Park | The Denver Ear

Washington Park. Photograph by ©Jeffrey Beall

Washington Park, named one of the Great Public Spaces in America” by the American Planning Association, covers 165 acres and features historic buildings, lakes, lawns, large flower gardens, seasonal botanical gardens (on the west side of the park), a recreation center, two playgrounds, lawn bowling, basketball and tennis courts, walking and biking trails, grills and shaded picnic areas. Washington Park, commonly known as “Wash Park”, offers five picnic sites which means you can plan a picnic day, without worrying you won’t be able to secure a table! Washington Park is located at 701 S Franklin St.

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