PSST… Unique Workout Classes in Denver You Have to Try

Sticking to a regular gym routine can be a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are several gyms and studios in the Denver area that offer fun classes to get you moving. Whether you’re interested in trying kickboxing, barre, cycling, yoga or something in between, our list has you covered — all offering a unique twist! 

If fitness is on your resolution list for the new year, you are probably not alone. These classes are sure to provide you with the motivation to meet your fitness goals in 2020 — whatever they may be!



Photo courtesy of Barre Forte

Gym/Studio: Barre Forte

Locations: Several locations throughout the Denver Metro area

Offered at the Barre Forte Southmoor/Cherry Hills location in Denver, this low impact workout combines the toning and tightening benefits of barre exercises with the aerobic movements of a trampoline workout! Just 10 minutes of a rebound trampoline workout is equivalent to 30 minutes on the treadmill. Burn 800-1000 calories per hour during this class — and have fun doing it!


Beginner Rings

Photo courtesy of Awaken Gym

Gym/Studio: Awaken Gym

Location: 777 Santa Fe Drive | Denver, CO 80204

Voted Denver’s best gym, Awaken is the world’s first, adult gymnastics training facility located in Denver.  Awaken Gym offers one-of-a-kind gymnastics bodyweight training — like their Beginners Ring class, where you gain substantial upper body strength while learning the basics of ring work in this fun, yet challenging workout.


BLOCK21 Signature Dance Class

Photo courtesy of Block21 Fitness

Gym/Studio: Block21 Fitness

Location: 930 N Lincoln Street | Denver, CO 80203

Channel your inner Beyoncé and work up a sweat at the same time during one of Block21’s cardio dance workout classes! During the Block21 Signature class, you can expect a nightclub cardio workout combining hip-hop music and interval training — zero dance experience required.


Guilty Pleasures Karaoke Ryde

Photo courtesy of Epic Ryde

Gym/Studio: Epic Ryde

Locations: RiNo, SloHi + Westminster

As the name of their studio implies, this is not your average cycling workout. This epic 45-minute karaoke endurance ride is intended to help you reach your optimal aerobic zone, where you should still be able to carry a conversation — or in this case, sing! With stadium seating and energetic instructors, this is a dynamic, one-of-a-kind cycling experience for all fitness levels.


AIR® Aerial Fitness Class 

Photo courtesy of AIR® Aerial Fitness

Gym/Studio: AIR® Aerial Fitness

Location: 4433 W 29th Avenue | Denver, CO 80212

AIR® is recognized as the country’s leading aerial fitness training method — and you can experience it for yourself right here in Denver! This 50-minute intense AIR® training class combines elements of Pilates, ballet and HITT on aerial hammocks to help strengthen, lengthen and tone your body. This is their most advanced course, so if you’re new to aerial fitness, it is suggested that you take 3-4 foundation classes before signing up. 


Saturday Slow Flow Cannabis Yoga

Photo courtesy of Bend & Blaze

Gym/Studio: Bend & Blaze

Location: Varies

Bend & Blaze tries to break down stigmas and build a more connected community with like-minded yogis. This yoga experience focuses on wellness, relaxation and restoration while incorporating cannabis into your practice. Every Saturday, Bend & Blaze hosts their Saturday Slow Flow — a vinyasa-style flow class for all levels that focuses on breath-to-movement to help you reset after the week. All classes are private and held in private spaces, so registering in advance is required. Once you register, you will be emailed a link to view the full schedule and purchase tickets for any class. Bend & Blaze is BYOC, so the blazing is in your hands!


CrossFit Community Class

Photo courtesy of CrossFit LoDo

Gym/Studio: CrossFit LoDo

Location: 601 W 29th Avenue | Denver, CO 80202

Voted one of the top 10 CrossFit gyms in America by Men’s Fitness Magazine, CrossFit LoDo offers a varied, high-intensity program that incorporates different movements from gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting and plyometrics — all while increasing your 10 general physical skills of cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. New to CrossFit? CrossFit LoDo offers a Community Class every Saturday that is free to the public. This is a great way to introduce yourself to this unique strength and conditioning system, as well as the CrossFit community! 


Punch ’n Crunch

Photo courtesy of Fly Kickbox

Gym/Studio: Fly Kickbox

Location: 2501 Dallas Street, Unit 278 | Aurora, CO 80010

Located in Stanley Marketplace, Fly Kickbox is dedicated to helping others meet their fitness goals — in a fun and interesting way. Classes are designed for all levels of fitness, and this particular class combines kickboxing and ab exercises for an intense core workout. Come punch the bag and then drop and crunch during this 45-minute class! 



Photo courtesy of Fitwall Denver

Gym/Studio: Fitwall Denver

Locations: 2795 Speer Blvd #2 | Denver, CO 80211 + 421 E Bayaud Avenue |  Denver, CO 80209

Fitwall believes that serious workouts need not be boring. Instead, they should be accessible fun and life-changing! Through their unique approach to fitness, Fitwall classes focus on the entire body as a whole, rather than in pieces to help you burn more calories in less time. Every day of the week focuses on one specific workout so you are able to spend time in each workout to get better and see results. Each workout at Fitwall is a combination of strength, cardio and flexibility with unique intervals and different speeds, intensities, equipment and exercise. Book your first week for free to see for yourself what it’s all about!


House Rowing

Video courtesy of Row House

Gym/Studio: Row House

Locations: Several locations throughout the Denver Metro area

Co-founders and husband/wife team, Eric Von Frohlich and Debra Strougo started Row House to give people of all shapes, sizes and abilities an opportunity to focus on their fitness in an inclusive, welcoming space. Each class engages over 85% of your body’s muscles for an effective total body workout. House is their signature class, and takes you through a series of bodyweight movements and rowing intervals to help you improve posture, enhance your energy levels, burn fat, and tone muscles all at the same time.


Climbing 101

Photo courtesy of Rise Nation

Gym/Studio: Rise Nation

Locations: 155 Saint Paul Street | Denver, Colorado4950 S Yosemite Street |  Englewood, CO 80111

If you’re new to climbing, this is a great beginner class to get a feel for all that Rise Nation has to offer! This class takes place on the Versaclimber — an upright climbing machine — and helps you learn the basics of climbing while focusing on form and movement. Engage the upper- and lower-body in a constant vertical ascent during this 30-minute session while music helps set the rhythm and pace! 


FAB Full Body

Photo courtesy of The FAB Method

Gym/Studio: The FAB Method

Location: 5940 S Holly Street | Greenwood Village, CO 80111

The FAB Method is a fast-paced program that combines contemporary Pilates with cardiovascular conditioning to help you lengthen, strengthen and define your muscles. The classic FAB Full Body class focuses on full-body conditioning over the course of 50 minutes while teaching you their signature flows. This low impact, high intensity, core-focused, full body workout is highly effective and ideal for all fitness levels!


Get Moving!

What Denver area fitness classes do you love? Let us know in the comments below!