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Psst… The Sweetest Food Trucks in Denver

Church of Cupcakes | The Denver Ear

Why wait for dessert? Try some of Denvers sweetest treats on wheels! Some of these trucks can be found around town and other are for rent and special occasions. Perfect for weddings, fall harvest festivals, church picnics, soccer games and more these food trucks are ready to roll out and bring you the sweets you want!


Church of Cupcakes | The Denver Ear

Photo: ©Church of Cupcakes

All hail the Church of Cupcakes for unto us the sweets are given! Order a small batch for pick-up, rent the original Cupcake Trycicle, or go all out in the restored 1976 Volkswagen Bus. These holy sweets are made in small batches with as many locally sourced and organic ingredients so you can feel high and mighty and completely guilt free about cheating on your diet.

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Lucky Mary’s Baking and Sweets Company is a full service desert trailer (and they can also do breakfast items on request). Custom cakes to drool over like Mango Passion Fruit, Chocolate Stout and White Chocolate Raspberry? Yep. Cupcakes like Lavender Lemon, Lucky Charms or Salted Caramel. Indeed! Cheesecakes, pies, macarons, and sugar cookies are only the start of their menu.

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The Bumblebee | The Denver Ear

Photo: ©The Bumblebee

The Bumblebee offers pickup, delivery, catering and the cutest truck to match your favorite pinterest ideas. Mainly serving yummy sweet treats like baked donut holes, pudding cups with fresh whipped cream, and cakes like The Bumblebee (vanilla cake, earl grey mousseline, chantilly & honeycomb candy crunch) they also cater lunch options.

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Funnels is your dream truck from the state fair. They serve…well funnel cakes any time of year. You don’t have to wait for the festivals to enjoy the sweet treat with a plethora of toppings like chocolate, marshmallow, rainbow sprinkles, mixed berries, or maraschino cherries.

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Sugardash | The Denver Ear

Photo: ©Sugardash

Sugardash was created by two friends who enjoyed the sweeter things in life and wanted to make enough to share with the people of Denver. Stuffed donuts with ice cream fillings, cookie dough that you can eat, and LOADED ice-cream cones!

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Sprinkle Me Smitten | The Denver Ear

Photo: ©Sprinkle Me Smitten

Sprinkle Me Smitten creates specialty For a special event or party book Stella, the Sprinkle Me Smitten trailer for you and your guests. You pick up to eight cookie flavors, ice cream and toppings and let the trailer show up to cater to your sweet tooth!

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Mc2 Ice Cream Co. | The Denver Ear

Photo: ©Mc2 Ice Cream Co.

Mc2 Ice Cream Co. is the place to find the incredible flavors created by two mad-ice-cream scientists who have earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for “Most Ice Cream Flavors”. Even the classics sound amazing like Madagascar Vanilla or Choc-A-Lot but they have unusually interesting flavors like Potporri (rose, nasturium, violet and orange) or Chocosaurstiner (chocolate, Warsteiner beer and sauerkraut).

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Aiko Pops serves gourmet popsicles and you really have to keep going back to try out the new flavors that come out every month. They have a store front on Pearl street in Denver that serves soups and sandwiches, and it is worth having your lunch to enjoy a unique sweet treat afterwards!

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Em's Ice Cream | The Denver Ear

Photo: ©Em’s Ice Cream

Em’s Ice Cream is simple and straightforward with organic, handcrafted small batch ice cream. Flavors that say it all like Meyer Lemon, Burnt Brown Sugar and Classic Strawberry.

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Happy Cones | The Denver Ear

Photo: ©Happy Cones

Happy Cones has one of the first fruit ice creams all the way from New Zealand. The ice cream is blended with real fruit creating a light and delightful ice cream that keeps folks coming back for more. Happy Cones also serves Scoop Ice Cream and Vegan Coconut Milk Gelato – so even your friends from Boulder can visit this sweet truck.

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Peak Pops | The Denver Ear

Photo: ©Peak Pops

Peak Pops gathers inspiration from the creators travels around the world to create frozen fruit treats and distribute them in a vintage ice pop cart. They want to help spread the joy of a simple stress free life through popsicles with flavors like Caribbean inspired Watermelon Mojito, the Mexican Rivera favorite Grapefruit Jalapeño, or Southern US combo of Peaches and Cream.

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Wow Mobile Frozen Yogurt serves up tangy, sweet and low fat love in a cup or cone with and a spread of fresh fruits and delicious candy to sprinkle on top. The Yo-Mobile will come anywhere frozen yogurt is welcome (which is just about everywhere) and it is self serve, so your guests or soccer team can enjoy as much as they want (or until their mothers cut them off).

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