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Psst… Taste Food From Around the World in Denver

Taste Food From Around The World In Denver | The Denver Ear

Craving something other than a burger? Denver continues to have ethnic restaurants from around the world popping up and delighting our tastebuds with new flavors.  If you feel like eating food from a different country every night you certainly can!

The map below has layers of some of Denvers favorites spots to eat – This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if we missed your favorite spot let the other readers know about it by commenting below!



Taste Food From Around The World In Denver | The Denver Ear

Work and Class – A popular choice for American and Latin flavors. Other diners suggest trying… Cajun Lamb Sausage and Jalapeño Corn Bread. 

Leña – A funky bi-level eatery. Other diners suggest trying…Empenadas Verde and Yuca Bread.

Cafe Brazil – Food from the land and sea with a Brazilian twist. Other diners suggest trying…Xim Xim (chicken, prawns, ginger and so much goodness) and La Bahiana Salad.

Quiero Arepas – It began as a food truck and now has become a great place to get delicious Venezuelan style arepas in the multi level Avanti Food and BeverageOther diners suggest trying..La Original and the Fried Plantains.

Psst… They are gluten free!

Maria Empanada – Inspired by a childhood in Argentina, the restaurant specializes in empanadas from sweet to savory. Other diners suggest trying… Argentina Empanadas (with seared steak) and Banatella Empanditas (banana and hazelnut chocolate).

Taste Food From Around The World In Denver | The Denver Ear

Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse – An upscale all-you-can-eat Brazilian meats. Includes a salad bar with other Brazillian dishes when you need to take a break from the meat. Other diners suggest trying…Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon and Lamb.

Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar – A cozy Cuban restaurant with a unique setting.  Other diners suggest trying…Mojitos and Vaca Frita (mojo marinated flank steak).

Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria – Sister restaurant to Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar – a little more casual for daily deliciousness. Other diners suggest trying…Cubano and Cuban Fries.

Buchi Cafe Cubano –  Charming patio and Cuban food. Other diners suggest trying… Cuban Coffee and Aye Conyo (roast pork, ham, turkey and pepperoni) sandwich. 

Cebiche Highlands – Fancy a taste of Peruvian food? You can find it here! Other diners suggest trying… Cebiche Mixto and Camaron Cuzco.

Señor Bear– Besides having the most adorable name they also serve Central and South American cuisine. Other diners suggest trying… Broccoli Saltado and Coconut Suave.


Taste Food From Around The World In Denver | The Denver Ear

Jerusalem Restaurant – Open 24/7 serving up Mediterranean and Middle Eastern plates. Other diners suggest trying… slow cooked Lamb and Baba Ganoush.

Cafe Byblos Greek & Lebanese – A family-owned restaurant with great atmosphere and food. Other diners suggest trying… Shawarma Plate and Falafel. 

Phoenician Kabob – Daily Lunch Specials, Happy hours and Belly Dancing – they often show up on “Best of Denver” lists! Other diners suggest trying… Fried Cauliflower and Lamb Kabob.

Shish Kabob Grill – Family-run for over 10 year this restaurant serves yummy Syrian and Mediterranean food. Other diners suggest trying…Vegetarian Plate and Kabob.

Babajoon’s Kabobs & More – For Persian and Mediterranean food made fresh, with all natural meat. Other diners suggest trying… Beef Kubidah and Shirazi salad.

Best Of Babylon – This little place is well known by locals and almost slid under the radar but for a readers recommendation! Other diners suggest trying… Saj(thick bread wrapped with shawarma and garlic sauce) and salad on side with tomato and lemon.


Taste Food From Around The World In Denver | The Denver Ear

Imperial Chinese Seafood – Classy dining with dishes from land and sea. Other diners suggest trying… Sesame Chicken and Peking Duck.

Uncle Joe’s Hong Kong Bistro – This Sichuan restaurant features bottomless brunch cocktails and a Hot Pot selection. Other diners suggest trying… Sichuan Endamame and Wagyu BBQ Beef

Hop Alley – Hip and flavorful food in RINO. Other diners suggest trying…Bone Marrow Fried Rice and Beijing Duck Rolls
Lao Wang Noodle House – Taiwanese comfort food and familiar favorites. Other diners suggest trying…Xiao Long Bao and Cold Noodles
Star Kitchen-A busy place for Dim Sum! Other diners suggest trying…Dim  Sum (of course!) and Dried Bean Stick Hot Pot
Super Star Asian Cuisine – A unique experience with carts being pushed around the dining room, tempting diners with their delicacies. Other diners suggest trying… Lobster and Shrimp Balls
Zoe Ma Ma – Located near Union Station, this spot serves classic Chinese Street Food. Other diners suggest trying… Roast Duck Wanton Noodle  Soup (served on Fridays and Saturdays!) and potstickers.

Taste Food From Around The World In Denver | The Denver Ear

Domo Japanese Country Food Restaurant – Authentic from the food the decor, this is the place to find classic Japanese food. Other diners suggest trying… Shoyu Ramen and Katsu Curry
Osaka Ramen – They make ramen. Really well. Also other Japanese food! Other diners suggest trying…Vegan Raman (green coconut curry base with mushrooms) and Chicken Kara Age (citrus-shoyu marinated fried chicken).
Matsuhisa Denver- An upscale dining spot with food inspired by Japanese cuisine. Other diners suggest trying…King Crab Tempura and the Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice.
Blue Sushi Sake Grill – Hip spot for sushi and a grill menu. Other diners suggest trying…Thai Hippie Roll and any of the vegan sushi.
Soko Sushi & Saki Bar –  A downtown spot offering sushi and sake – if you hadn’t already figured that out 🙂 Other diners suggest trying…Chicken Teriyaki and Tonkatsu Raman.
Sushi Den – Sushi made from the catch of the day from the fish market in Japan. Other diners suggest trying… Omasake (six courses chosen by your chef) and the Kampachi Sushi.
Izakaya Den –  A casual spot serving Japanese and other global delights. Other diners suggest trying…Wagyu Beef Steak and Lobster Ramen.
Menya Noodle Bar – A lovely spot featuring all the favorites – ramen, sushi, Izakaya (small bites). Other diners suggest trying… Tuna Poke Bowl and Spicy Ramen.
Psst… They have gluten free ramen options!

Taste Food From Around The World In Denver | The Denver Ear

Bistro Vendôme – A lovely place with French bistro food and ambiance. Other diners suggest trying…Caille Rôtie aux Panais (risotto stuffed quail) and Crêpes Vendôme

Psst…they also have Monday Movie Nights with classic good and films!

Omonia Bakery – A Greek bakery and coffeehouse. Other diners suggest trying… Baklava and Tiropita.

Bistro Barbès – Based off Parisan dining with European influence. Other diners suggest trying… Gnocchi Appetizer and French Onion Tartlett.

Euro Crepes – A hip spot to have European inspired savory and sweet crepes. Other diners suggest trying… Dancing House (Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and mascarpone cheese) and Switzerland (Gruyere cheese, tomatoes, roasted eggplant, bell peppers, onions, zucchini and squash). 

Katherine’s French Bakery, Cafe & Catering – A sweet European style bakery and cafe. Other diners suggest trying… quiche and tarts.

Golden Europe Restaurant – A lovely spot to try Polish, German & Czech food. Other diners suggest trying… Roasted Duck and German Potato Salad.

Melita’s Greek Cafe & Market – A counter – service spot to get Greek food. Other diners suggest trying… Falafel Sandwich and Chicken Souvlaki Pita.

Crepes n’ Crepes – Located on 16th Street Mall they serve…well… delicious crepes. Other diners suggest trying… Crepe Suzette and the Chicken and Mushrooms Crepe.

Rheinlander Bakery – Authentic European/German baked goods. Other diners suggest trying… Cream Cheese Sweetroll and Chocolate and Hazelnut Cream Cake.

Psst…They offer Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, and Gluten-Free options!


Taste Food From Around The World In Denver | The Denver Ear

Queen of Sheba Restaurant – Ethiopian food with honey wine and beer. Other diners suggest trying… Veggie Sambussa and traditional honey wine. 

Axum Restaurant – Ethiopian fare with the classic sponge bread. Other diners suggest trying… Combo plate and Ethiopian coffee.

Arada Ethiopian Restaurant – A spot for Ethiopian cuisine and fine dishes. Other diners suggest trying… Shiro Wot (chickpeas) and Vegetarian Combo.


Taste Food From Around The World In Denver | The Denver Ear

India’s Restaurant – Often voted “Best of” this Indian Restaurant aims for authentic tastes.  Other diners suggest trying… Coconut Chicken and Pakoras.

New Indian Cafe – South Indian fare and comfort food. Other diners suggest trying… Lunch Buffet and Chicken Tikka Masala.

Himchuli – Highlands Indian & Nepali Cuisine– A spot to get Indian and Nepali cuisine. Other diners suggest trying…Lamb Rogan Josh and the Momos. 

Psst… They host a monthly vegan buffet night!

Zaika Indian Express – A cafes-style spot for homy Indian food. Other diners suggest trying…Seafood Curry and Gobi Manchurian (Cauliflower Florets Sauteed in a Soy-Tomato-Garlic Sauce).

India Oven – A restaurant that features food from India, Tibet and Nepal.  Other diners suggest trying…the curry and Sag Paneer.

Little India – Voted Best Indian Restaurant & Best Lunch Buffet – by Westword Readers for the past 16 years. You might have to try it to see what you think!  Other diners suggest trying…Vegetable Korma and Chicken Tikka.

Bombay Clay Oven –  Featuring flavors from North and South India they also bake their bread in a clay oven to yummy perfection. Other diners suggest trying…the nann (of course!) and Vindaloo. 

Biju’s Little Curry Shop – Bright and cherry decor with classics and twists on Northern Indian food.  Other diners suggest trying…Coconut Curry Chicken Bowl and Eggplant Tacos.

Psst…Well known for their gluten free and vegetarian options. 


Taste Food From Around The World In Denver | The Denver Ear

New Saigon Restaurant – A Denver restaurant from 1987, discover what makes them so special! Other diners suggest trying…Rice Wrapped Soft Shell Crab and Ming Ming soup.

Phở 95 -Featuring pho and other classic Vietnamese food. Other diners suggest trying…Vegetable Pho and Vietnamese Egg Rolls.

Pho Duy Restaurant -Cafe spot with pho and more! Other diners suggest trying…Pork Noodle Bowl and Spring Rolls. 

Saigon Bowl – With 20 years experience they have quite a variety of choice on the menu. Other diners suggest trying…Egg Rolls and anything with Duck in it.