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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we know that organizing a date night for your loved one can be pretty stressful. That’s why we are loving the service provided by Denver Date Nite!

But first…

What is Denver Date Nite?
Denver Date Nite | The Denver Ear

Photograph courtesy of ©Denver Date Nite

Denver Date Nite is a company that organizes a special date night for you with three easy steps. First, you pick your date package, then after you are prompted for payment, you answer a quick survey to let them know more about you and your date, and finally you attend the special itinerary that is custom-ordered just for you!

What is Offered for Valentine’s Day?
Denver Date Nite | The Denver Ear

Photograph courtesy of ©Denver Date Nite

Cost: $50

Purchase at:

Take the stress out of Valentine’s this year and let them handle everything.  They will build a custom night out made just for the two of you. This option includes: An evening of romance based on the parameters you set after checkout, all necessary reservations booked, a detailed itinerary, outlining the date, emailed to you, and even the option to have them take care of a floral delivery the day of, prior to the date.

Get to Know Denver Date Nite!

We recently sat down for a chat with Denver Date Nite’s Founder, Gretchen Bartek, to learn more about this great service.

Q: What made you start Denver Date Nite?

A: We started Denver Date Nite after having two kids of our own back to back. Date night stopped being a priority. When we were able to sneak away for a night out, we were too exhausted and too busy to put much time and energy into planning. We ended up at the same restaurants. 

I remember coming home one day and the babysitter saying “oh, you’re home already?”  I looked at my husband and said “what just happened?  We used to be fun.”  So I went on a mission to get that part of our lives back. I started researching new adventures for the two of us and checking out new neighborhoods. After a while, friends started tagging along. Then one night, my husband’s friend called and said he’d forgotten to plan a weekend away that he had promised his wife and asked if I could help. The light bulb went off and Denver Date Nite was born.

Q: How often do packages change?

A: Since every date is curated specifically for the couple, they don’t change often. The experience per couple is what changes. We rolled out a special Valentine’s Day option. For $50 we will handle all of the details for your special night.

Rest assured the two of you will have a romantic night to remember with none of the work or last minute planning. We will be requiring a minimum of 72 hours notice however.  Reservations get crazy and life is busy – we get it. So let us handle it!

Denver Date Nite | The Denver Ear

Photograph courtesy of ©Denver Date Nite

Q: What is your personal recommendation for a long relationship package?

A: We do offer a monthly night out. The prices ranges from $10 – $25 per month and can be cancelled at any time. Each month we will reach out to you to set the date, budget, etc and then we will handle the rest.  A custom curated date night will be planned, reservations booked, and an itinerary emailed over. It’s a great way to commit that time to each other so the everyday hustle and bustle of life doesn’t get in the way.

Q: If you could go on a date with your significant other anywhere in the world, where would you go?

A: We talk about this a lot. We both have the travel bug and have huge lists for places to visit. The top of our list right now is Croatia.  It sounds random but Croatia has some amazing beaches, tons of history, beautiful architecture, amazing seafood and wine – it’s our perfect vacation!

To learn more about Denver Date Nite, visit:, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.