Ashley Williams – Demi’s Denver Itinerary

Demi’s Denver Itinerary

Get dressed! Head downtown to The Delectable Egg for breakfast at 1625 Court Place, Denver, 80202.
Recommending the Odwalla Orange Juice which is really fresh versus the simply orange. For your meal I recommend the Home Of The Denver Omelette!

The Delectable Egg

The Delectable Egg


STUFFED?! As you should be Demi! So I figured, next you can head over to your car, then head over to Mount Evans Scenic Byway! It’s so beautiful there. Tell your driver to take exit 241 off of I-70 and stay on the road for 1 mile and it should be straight ahead off of state highway 103! Now it’s about 28 miles in length and somewhere between 6-7000 of high elevation which is amazing to drive through and look at the scenic beauty is awesome!

Mount Evans Scenic Byway

Mount Evans Scenic Byway


Head back over to your car and the driver will be taking you over to your new hotel! The very very beautiful (and I’m sure you will love all the perks that come with staying at) Magnolia Hotel located right in the heart of downtown Denver. It’s near the 16th street mall which is where all the attractions are as far as shopping and restaurants. But since you’ve just ate, go have a relax in your beautiful room and soak in the jacuzzi why don’t ya!

Magnolia Hotel


Pack a swimsuit and a pair of shorts and tee and head over to the Budweiser Brewery in Fort Collins. Go on the tour and  the area is beautiful as well!

Budweiser Brewery


Head over to A1 Wildwater Rafting for fun water and an awesome time. It’s in the same area as the factory. Hence the reason I said grab a bag of swim gear. Enjoy!

A1 Wild Water Rafting


Head to Lucille’s Restaurant located at: 400 S Meldrum St, Fort Collins, CO 80521. I recommend the catfish with the mashed potatoes and the powdered patty.



Let’s go shopping, Head back over to the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver and head over to Francesca’s Boutique, she has really nice clothes and designer purses.

Francesca's Boutique


Once you’re done, I’m sure you’d like some dessert. Head over to GiGi’s Cupcakes located at 550 Grant St, Denver, CO 80203 and enjoy one of these lovely works of delicious art.

GiGi's Cupcakes


Rest back at the hotel.

Magnolia Hotel


Head over to Harry’s Bar & Grill. Conveniently located in the same hotel and enjoy yourself an Amaretto Sour and a very good steak. I’ve also included the menu in case you would like to choose your own.

Harry's Bar & Grill

Harry's Bar & Grill